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Tasting and eating your own grown tomatoes is such a rewarding experience! But getting the most from your crops can sometimes be a challenge when your children or pets are playing around your garden. With Maxicrop Organic Tomato Natural Fertiliser you don't have to worry about this anymore! Formulated with a higher level of potash (NPK 4-2-6), it is ideal for bumper yelds of delicious healthy tomatoes. Maxicrop Organic Tomato Natural Fertiliser is made with sustainable raw materials and is safe to use - for the environment, as well as for kids, pets and wildlife.

    • Makes tomatoes and greenhouse crops healthy & delicious
    • Produces bumper yields of delicious healthy tomatoes
    • With Seaweed Extract for strong healthy growth
    • Child & pet safe
    • Approved for organic growing
    • Soil Association Certified Product

Maxicrop Organic Tomato Feed 1L

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