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Organically grown flowers and crops look and taste great. If you'd rather help your garden look its best in a natural way, there's no better product for you than Maxicrop Original Seaweed Extract. Containing Algea harvested and grown beyond the Arctic Circle, Maxicrop Original's seaweed extract has specific Arctic resources that helps plants germination, rooting and establishment, from seed to mature plant. It improves natural plant health and the ability to withstand environmental stress, including drought. It is ideal for all plants - from flowers & shrubs, to trees, fruits and vegetables. You can even use the Original Seaweed Extract on lawns.

    • Contans seaweed extract that stimulates natural plant growth
    • Boosts healthy root development
    • Ensures maximum nutrient uptake
    • Improves seed emergence, aids rooting, alleviates transplant shock and builds resistance to environmental stress
    • Approved for organic growing
    • Soil Association Certified Product

Maxicrop Plant Growth Stimulant

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