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Spraying with Organic 2 in 1 will remove dust, grease etc from the leaf surface, whilst the seaweed will stimulate plant growth. These actions will help strengthen the plant’s defences against stress and disease attack.

Used in the spring and summer, 2 in 1 will remove debris, dust, dirt and wax from plants, which will then help to prevent insects from securing their eggs on them. It works by purely physical means, without insecticides.

Organic 2 in 1 is suitable for most edible and ornamental crops including roses and citrus plants. The product can be used outdoors or under glass. Some plants in the Euphorbia family have shown some sensitivity. Children and pets may be allowed into treated areas when leaf surfaces are dry.

Organic 2 in 1 concentrate should be mixed with water and applied as a fine spray covering both sides of the foliage. Reapply at monthly intervals during the spring and summer.

  • A plant invigorator for flowers, fruit and vegetables
  • Cleans and strengthens plants’ ability to withstand stress from pest and disease attack
  • Suitable for organic gardens
  • Contains a blend of natural oils and emulsifiers with added seaweed, Organic  2 in 1 can be used on most flower, fruit and vegetable crops
  • Crops can be harvested immediately

Vitax 2 in1 Plant Invigorator Concentrate

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